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Our general conditions of use

1. Terms of use Fritmap.com

The conditions of use are defined below. Fritmap, Fritmap.com owner, reserves the right to modify these provisions. As part of a change, visitors will be informed of them via a message in the heading of "Home". No any compensation can be claimed by users of the site.

Any consultation or use of the site Fritmap.com involves implicit acceptance by the user of the following terms and conditions:

1.1. Intellectual property

The consultation or use of the site Fritmap.com confers no rights, and this whatever the nature of the users. These rights remain the exclusive property of respective authors.

Thus, all data / information, ie texts, photos, videos, posters, logos and other trademarks reproduced on the Site are protected by copyright and / or the right of trademarks and / or any other provision in force that are applicable to matters relating to intellectual property.

As such and in accordance with applicable Belgian law on intellectual property, national regulations and international conventions, only use for private use is allowed. Any other use, including among other reproduction, will be considered as acts of ontrefaçon, violating trademark law, copyright and / or any other provisions that are applicable to the provisions on intellectual property.

The user therefore can not reproduce, perform, license, distribute, sell, modify all or part of the elements (text, images, photos, etc ...) represented on the site.

Fritmap.com, however, reserves the right to derogate from this provision and provide a prior written agreement to any person submitting a request.

Consequently, unauthorized use of any material (text, images, pictures, logos, etc. ...), and this in any way whatsoever, shall be treated as an act of reproduction, counterfeit or piracy etc. and may lead to prosecution.

1.2. Personal data

As part of achieving its purpose, Fritmap.com may collect certain personal information from the users of the site. This information will be used exclusively by Fritmap.com and will not be passed to third parties. Pursuant to the Belgian law of December 8, 1992 on the protection of personal data, as amended by the Act of 11 December 98, the user has a right of access to personal data. Any user wishing to access this right, is asked to make a written request to the address info@fritmap.com. A response to this request will be given in Deans seven days.

1.3. Legal Disclaimer

Subject to applicable law or regulation, Fritmap.com will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, lost profits, of customers, data, intangible property that may occur due to the use or inability of use.

Moreover, responsibility of Fritmap.com could not be committed in the context of an act of reproduction, counterfeit or piracy, even partial content supplied by information providers, as well as damage covered by these abuses.

Fritmap.com cannot be held responsible for the content posted by users wishing to display their establishment on the fritmap.com site, whether in text or image content.

1.4. Warranties of consultation and use of Fritmap.com

Under these provisions, the consultation responsibility of Fritmap.com use is entirely up to the user.
    The information and services included on the website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. All such information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.
    Fritmap.com can therefore under no circumstances be held liable for damage or loss incurred by a user by site content inaccuracy Fritmap.com.
    Obtaining advice and information, both written and oral, the Fritmap.com will create a security context.

1.5. Applicable law - Disputes

Fritmap.com is subject to Belgian law and in case of dispute only the courts of the district of Brussels have jurisdiction.

2. Special conditions relating to content and certain sections of Fritmap.com

2.1. Links and audiovisual content

As part of achieving the objects of Fritmap.com the Fritmap.com website offers its users an audio-visual content, such as for example listening or viewing achievements. These will be offered on the site in accordance with relevant societies of authors or rights holders.

2.2. Links to other third party sites

In order to provide high quality information to these users, the site Fritmap.com contains links to other websites which are not the property of Fritmap.com.
    Any proposed hyper link to third party websites has been checked during the posting of information are subject.
    Fritmap.com will therefore be held responsible, and this in some way, if appropriate, an information source pointed no longer satisfies the Belgian legal provision or European regulations. At no time the consequences of the breach can not be attributed to Fritmap.com.